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(Nashua, NH) – Today, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) announced her Veterans for Annie group. Veterans for Annie consists of more than 100 Granite State veterans who have endorsed Kuster for re-election. At the announcement Kuster was introduced by Ambassador Terry Schumaker and Airman First Class Dan Toomey who spoke about Kuster’s work on the Veterans Affairs Committee to support the needs of veterans. As the daughter of a World War II veteran and POW, Kuster has worked to address the healthcare and service needs of veterans in New Hampshire as well as bolster economic opportunity and end veteran homelessness. The full list of Veterans for Annie is available below.

"I'm incredibly honored and humbled to have the support of these brave men and women who have served our nation in uniform," said Kuster. "As the daughter of a World War II veteran, fighting for our service members is a personal issue. I've been proud to serve on  the House Veterans Affairs Committee where we've come together across party lines to improve access to care and services for our veterans and have worked to bolster economic opportunity for veterans and ensure they have access to stable housing."

Annie has fought to improve access to health care services for veterans in New Hampshire, and was one of two Democrats to co-sponsor the VA MISSION Act. This important legislation helps veterans in states like New Hampshire that lack a full-service VA medical facility, by expanding access to the Choice Program for all eligible veterans in the Granite State. She is working to expand economic opportunity for veterans throughout the state and leading efforts to address veteran homelessness.

Veterans for Annie includes veterans from every county in New Hampshire's Second Congressional District.

Veterans for Annie

 Burdett Adams, Center Harbor, US Army 

Rep. John Mann, Alstead, US Navy

Hank Drury, Hancock, US Army

Douglas Clayton, Jaffrey, US Navy

Cynthia Chase, Keene, US Navy

Bill Hay, Keene, US Army

James Johnston, Keene, US Army

Philip Cate Huckins PhD, Keene, USAF

David Swenson, Keene, US Army 

Eliezer Rivera, Keene, Coast Guard

Patricia Martin, Rindge, USAF

Sherwood Jackson, Stoddard, US Army

Stillman Rogers, Richmond, US Army 

Melvin (Mel) Heidt, Berlin, US Navy

Henry Lanteigne, Berlin, USAF

Lon Weston, Bethlehem, US Army

Cathy Fountain, Dalton, US Navy

Bill Hatch, Gorham, USAF

Roger Dale Hughes, Jefferson, US Army

Denis Roy, Milan, US Army

Richard Baribeau, Pittsburg, US Navy

Lloyd Murray, Stark, USMC

Linda Lauer, Bath, US Navy

Karen Fesler, Bath, US Navy

Peter Holman Sr, Bridgewater, US Army

Kathleen Martin-Bonhaus, Enfield, Coast Guard

Howard Shaffer, Enfield, US Navy

William Young, Hanover, Coast Guard

Jack Saunders, Holderness, US Navy

Robert Lamb, Holderness, US Army

George Jones, Holderness, US Army

Doug Wolff, Holderness, US Army

Sally Fellows, Holderness, US Army

Rachael Booth, Landaff, US Navy 

Terrence (Terry) St Germain, Littleton, US Army

Val Scarborough, Plymouth, USMC

Jack Scarborough, Plymouth, USMC

Bradford Whipple, Sugar Hill, USAF

Carl Martland, Sugar Hill, US Army 

Tom Dennehy, Woodville, US Navy

Michael St. Germain, Amherst, US Army

David Perkins, Amherst, US Army

Sirkka Holm, Francestown, Women's Army Corp Signal Corp Supply Division

Roger Lessard, Greenfield, NH Army National Guard

Gil Shattuck, Hillsborough, US Navy

Karl Stamm, Hudson, US Army

John Knowles, Hudson, US Army

Joe Wozniak, Hudson, USAF

Gareth Vincent, Hudson, US Army

James McGaffigan, Litchfield, US Army

Michael Atkins, Lyndeborough, US Army

Douglas Whitbeck, Mason, US Army

Dick Edwards, Milford, USAF

Amelia Keane, Nashua, US Army Reserves

Skip Cleaver, Nashua, USMC

Alfred (Al) Bouchard, Nashua, US Army

Janice Bouchard, Nashua, USAF

Bill Bordy, Nashua, US Army

Fred Davis Jr, Nashua, USMC

Richard G Ouellette, Nashua, USAF

Robert Taylor, Nashua, USAF

Harold Solomon, Nashua, US Navy

Dan Toomey, Nashua, USAF

Harvey Keye, Nashua, US Army

Bill Gould, New Boston, US Navy

Carl Peters, New Boston, US Army

Dave Hennessey, Pelham, US Army 

Charles Mooskian, Pelham, US Navy

Dan Millbauer, Peterborough, US Army

Dorothea Ottaviano, Peterborough, USAF

Kent Hackmann, Andover, US Army

Vernon John, Boscawen, US Navy

John Wallace,Bow, US Navy

Stephen Rasche, Canterbury, US Army

Ron King, Concord, USAF

Joe Magruder,Concord, US Navy

Dan Vallone, Concord, US Army

Terry Shumaker, Concord, US Army

Miriam Cahill-Yeaton, Epsom, USAF

Norman David Yeaton, Epsom, USAF

Harvey Harkness, Epsom, US Army

Ron White, Franklin, USAF

Lawrence Hennessy, Franklin, USMC

Howard Miller, Henniker, US Army

Stephen Enroth, North Sutton, US Army

Donald Leisman, Pembroke, US Army

Steve Shurtleff, Penacook, US Army

Jimmy Williams, Sunapee, US Navy

John W. Jones, Sutton, US Army

Paul White, Atkinson, US Army

Pete McVay, Atkinson, US Navy

Michael Smith, Northwood, US Navy

Wayne Wright, Salem, USMC

Jim Smith, Salem, USAF

Scott Abercrombie, Salem, USMC

Stephen Mavrellis, Windham, USMC

Robert Madison, Northwood, USMC

Robert H. Porter, Claremont, NH Army National Guard

Denis Demers, Cornish, US Army

Robert Grimley, Grantham, USAF

Andy Schmidt, New London, USAF

Mark Durgin, Springfield, USAF

Ckristopher Wallenstein, Bennington, US Navy

Donald Hinman, Danbury, Coast Guard

Sparky Von Plinsky, Keene, US Army

Donald Gillis, Keene, US Navy

Dennis Nyhagen, Nashua, USAF

Irving Scales, Nashua, US Navy



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