During the forum, Kuster did Q&A with the audience and received the endorsement of “Senior Votes Count!”

Nashua, NH – This afternoon, Congresswoman Annie Kuster held her third seniors forum of the year for local seniors at Huntington residences in Nashua. Kuster was joined by special guest Jon “Bowzer” Bauman from the popular group Sha Na Na, who gave Kuster the endorsement of Senior Votes Count, a senior advocacy group that supports Kuster because of her work to protect Medicare and Social Security for Granite State seniors.

During the event, Kuster did a question and answer session with local Huntington seniors, and she addressed their concerns about issues that matter to every Granite State senior: protecting Medicare and Social Security, access to affordable health care, America’s foreign policy strategy, growing the local economy, and many other topics.

“I was excited to hold my third seniors forum of the year in Nashua today, which gave me a chance to hear directly from local seniors about the issues that are on their mind this election season,” said Congresswoman Annie Kuster. “I’ve held three seniors forums this year, and I always hear a common theme – our seniors want to know their elected officials will stand up to protect the programs that matter to them like Medicare and Social Security. I pledge to always fight against reckless cuts to the programs seniors like those I spoke with today in Nashua relay on, and I sincerely thank them for sharing their thoughts with me.”

During today’s forum, Kuster also outlined her plans for both protecting Medicare & Social Security and ensuring the programs’ solvency, and she highlighted new legislation that she helped introduce to ease the burden on individuals who are serving as full-time caregivers for their elderly family members. Seniors also heard from Jon “Bowzer” Bauman, who discussed the importance of electing public officials who understand and care about senior issues, and who played some old show tune favorites on the community center’s piano.

Kuster is running for reelection in the Second Congressional District of New Hampshire against an extreme, Tea Party candidate who wants to privatize Social Security and slash other programs Granite State seniors rely on. Kuster has pledged to always stand up and protect these programs.



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