​Garcia can’t explain why she holds radical view that government should ban abortion in all cases and eliminate birth control

Concord, NH – Yesterday during a campaign event with U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, Republican 2nd District Congressional candidate Marilinda Garcia refused to answer questions regarding her extreme belief in so-called “personhood”, the radical view that a fetus should receive Fourteenth Amendment rights. Only the most severely extreme Republicans believe in personhood, a stance which calls for banning abortion in all cases, including rape, incest, and saving the life of the mother; eliminating birth control; and outlawing in vitro fertilization.

During a New Hampshire Republican Party convention over the weekend, the Party amended its platform to include personhood, a radical new development that blatantly ignores the fact that the vast majority of Granite State voters – including many Republicans – believe that women, not the government, should be allowed to make their own health care decisions. Although this may be a new development for the NH GOP, it was recently revealed that Marilinda Garcia has held this radical belief since she ran for state representative in 2012. But when questioned about her belief by an event attendee, Garcia simply waved repeatedly at the voter, then walked away and refused to answer his question or explain why she supports a view that is so far outside the mainstream of the Granite State.

“The fact that Marilinda Garcia wants to allow the government to invade our personal lives and dictate when a woman can or cannot have a child is extremely disturbing to me. This belief in so-called personhood would strip women of the right to make their own personal healthcare decisions, and if this is what Garcia truly wants for the Granite State – as stated on her own campaign website – then she owes Granite State voters an explanation,” said Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02). “I worked as an adoption attorney for over 25 years, so I know that there is no decision more personal for a woman and her family than deciding when to have a child, and no woman should ever be told she cannot access the birth control she needs to make that decision for herself. Garcia needs to explain herself to Granite State women and their families.”

Marilinda Garcia was hand-picked by the Koch Brothers because of her extreme, Tea Party positions. Across the board, she supports policies that are far to the right of many New Hampshire Republicans, and she has pushed her Tea Party views on the NH GOP since beginning her Congressional run. In fact, Garcia likely was the catalyst for the NH GOP’s recent embrace of personhood; the new amendment to the Party platform uses strikingly similar language to what was posted on Garcia’s state rep campaign website and explicitly bans abortion in all cases under the Constitution, in order to “protect the pre-born child’s fundamental right to life and personhood under the Fourteenth Amendment.”

“If Marilinda Garcia is going to continue to push her radical, extremist views on the Granite State, she must own up to her beliefs and explain herself to Granite State voters,” said Kuster campaign communications director Rosie Hilmer. “By refusing to answer a question about her beliefs, she is demonstrating a shocking lack of regard for the people she claims to want to represent in Washington. We call on Garcia to stop running away, and to answer the people of New Hampshire when they ask her how she can support a stance that would peel away over 40 years of progress for New Hampshire women and their families?”  



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