Garcia cannot answer questions about Nashua rail project; says she’s unfamiliar – even though she repeatedly voted against funding rail feasibility study in state legislature 

Nashua, NH – This morning at the Nashua Chamber of Commerce’s Candidates Forum, Tea Party candidate Marilinda Garcia demonstrated a shocking lack of knowledge about the issues that affect the Second District, most notably the possible expansion of passenger rail into Nashua and beyond. When asked about the project, which is widely recognized as one of the single most important issues facing the Nashua region and which experts say could provide a significant boost to the local economy, Garcia said she was unfamiliar with the project, and told the moderator she needed to “get back to you about that.”

“During today’s forum, Marilinda Garcia showed a total lack of understanding of the issues Nashua residents care about, and a complete disregard for a project that could potentially create thousands of jobs for our workers – a project that is on the forefront of many Nashua voters’ minds,” said Kuster campaign spokeswoman Rosie Hilmer. “The fact that Garcia not only refused to answer whether she supported the expansion of passenger rail into Nashua, but couldn’t even offer a comment or thoughts of any kind on the project, demonstrates how out of touch she truly is. How can she represent Granite Staters’ best interests if she doesn’t care enough about her constituents to learn about the projects that matter to them?”

Garcia’s unfamiliarity with the project is particularly interesting, considering that while serving in the state legislature, she repeatedly voted to block the rail project from moving forward. Garcia has a history of voting against projects her constituents support; she famously blocked casino gambling in the state despite the fact that 81 percent of her Salem constituents were in support.

Regardless of Garcia’s attempts to block passenger rail expansion, a feasibility study is currently being conducted on the project. But Garcia seems to have lost all interest in following the progress of the study – despite the fact that some experts believe that if approved, expanded rail could bring in billions of dollars in new business to the state and create thousands of new jobs for our workers. During today’s forum, Garcia repeatedly used the fact that she had “not read the feasibility study which was completed recently” as an excuse for her lack of knowledge; what she does not realize is that the study she refers to is ongoing and in actuality has not yet been completed (local officials who are following this project anxiously await results, which are expected to be released at the end of this year.)

“What really astounded me was Garcia’s inability to even comment on commuter rail, which is a huge focus here in Nashua. Congresswoman Kuster said she’d go to the mat for us, which meant a lot for me as a local small business owner,” said Grant Morris, Founder and Executive Producer at New Sky Productions. “The fact that we’ve been talking about commuter rail for years, likely since before Ms. Garcia was even born, makes me think she should have had more than enough time to formulate an opinion on the issue. What’s more, she repeatedly kept circling around the issues instead of addressing them; if you’re going to come to Nashua to talk to Nashua business leaders, you need to be willing and able to discuss the issues that matter to us.”

What’s Garcia’s excuse for her unfamiliarity with issues that affect the Nashua region? “Nobody is an expert on everything,” said Garcia. 


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