Kuster discusses her jobs plan, foreign policy, and increasing access to affordable health care on same show

Concord, NH – During a showing of WMUR’s CloseUp, Tea Party candidate Marilinda Garcia refused to answer questions about her own record on women’s health, stating that the issue is “at the bottom of the list” on voters’ minds. During her own segment, Kuster discussed her belief that the government should stay out of Granite Staters’ personal lives, and that only women themselves should have the ability to make their own personal health decisions.

When pressed by host Josh McElveen, Garcia refused to answer whether she would change current abortion laws, and Garcia laughed off the issue of whether she would criminalize doctors who perform abortions in order to save a mother’s life, again refusing to answer and sidestepping the question by saying “federal and state laws allow” doctors to save mothers’ lives if they need to. What Garcia neglected to mention, is that in 2008 she voted to overturn that very state law she mentioned during the WMUR interview – and her vote would indeed have made it illegal for doctors to perform an abortion even if it was necessary to save a mother’s life. This is not the first time Garcia’s extreme record has been questioned; NH1 did a fact check and found that Garcia does support criminalizing doctors who perform abortions, regardless of whether the mother’s life is at risk.

“During WMUR’s CloseUp, Congresswoman Kuster focused on her work to make life better for every Granite State family – her plan to create more jobs and opportunity for Granite State workers, ensure our veterans have the resources they need to succeed, and increase access to affordable health care. Marilinda Garcia, on the other hand, spent half the show refusing to answer questions about her extreme stance on abortion, and the rest of it praising Tea Party leader John Boehner, one of the most divisive politicians of our time, while at the same time attempting to distance herself from the Tea Party manifesto,” said Kuster campaign spokeswoman Rosie Hilmer. “The choice between these two candidates is crystal clear, and Granite State voters will cast their ballots for the only candidate in this race who is being honest with them about her priorities – and that’s Congresswoman Annie Kuster.”


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