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As a parent of two young children, nothing worries me more than how I’m going to pay for my kids’ college education. I take comfort in the fact that I have a congressperson in Washington who understands my concerns and who is fighting to make education more affordable. Rep. Annie Kuster stood up and fought the tea party when they wanted to allow student-loan interest rates to double last year – and she won.

Now, Annie Kuster is facing a tea party opponent who would do far worse damage to our education system. She doesn’t just want student loan rates to double – she actually wants to eliminate the Department of Education and get rid of federal student loans altogether. She clearly does not understand what this would mean for working families like mine. She would be snatching away my children’s opportunity to go to college.

Annie Kuster recently fought for legislation that would help students and their families pay a lower rate for their student loans. She’s constantly working to bring down the cost of college. Any parent voting this November should look at the record of these two candidates. I know what you’ll find – when it comes to education, Annie Kuster is the only candidate to support on Election Day.

Zebulon Brundage


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