As the daughter of a 30-year Air Force veteran, I know we must elect representatives to Congress who are fighting for our veterans community. Annie Kuster serves on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, and since her first day in office she has advocated for programs that would help better the lives of Granite State veterans. She herself is the daughter of a veteran, and she believes it is absolutely unacceptable that any of our veterans should have to wait to receive their health care and benefits. So she introduced and passed into law legislation to end the VA claims backlog by 2015. She also successfully fought to open two new VA clinics in Colebrook and Berlin, so North Country veterans no longer have to drive extremely long distances to receive care.

On the other hand, she’s running against a Tea Party- backed candidate who wants to cut, cut, cut and would make things so much worse for our veterans. As a fellow daughter of a veteran, I’m voting for Annie Kuster this November.

Mary Boyle

Vice-Chairwoman of Cornish Democrats


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