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What a week!

This week, Annie launched her “Supporting Small Business” tour, and she’s been traveling all across the district to meet with small business leaders and voters to hear their thoughts on how Congress can support our local businesses and help our economy grow.

Fighting for Nashua Businesses

Annie kicked off her week with stops at Riverwalk Café, Djinn distillery, and other Nashua small businesses. A member of the Small Business Committee, Annie’s been fighting for small businesses like these since taking office. She’s fought to cut taxes for small business owners, so they can use their extra funds to reinvest in their companies, expand, and hire more workers. She was thrilled to hear about the expansion efforts at both Riverwalk and Djinn, and she can’t wait to keep working with these businesses to help them succeed!

Raising the Minimum Wage

Annie had a great stop at Peter’s Salon & Day Spa in Concord, where she heard from the owner about his admirable pledge to “raise the minimum wage” for all of his workers to $10.10 an hour. Annie firmly believes that no Granite Stater should work a full-time job and still struggle to support his or her family, and during her stop at Peter’s, she pledged to continue fighting to raise the federal minimum wage.

Raising the wage will ensure all our workers get paid a fair wage, and would provide a boost to our local economy. Shockingly, Annie’s opponent recently called raising the minimum wage a “petty, short-sighted little issue” and pledged to oppose it. Team Kuster can assure you, raising the wage is anything but “petty” for the thousands of minimum wage workers who are struggling to get by.

Chatting with the Nashua Chamber of Commerce

Annie was thrilled to participate in her first Candidates Forum this week at the Nashua Chamber of Commerce, where she had a great discussion with the Chamber President about her work to support business development across the state, so we can create more jobs for our workers and increase economic development. A strong advocate for federal investment in local infrastructure projects in order to help the state economy grow, Annie was particularly excited to discuss the prospect of expanded passenger rail into Nashua, which could bring thousands of new jobs to the Granite State.

Diner Stops, Foliage, and Phonebanking

From swinging by the Warner Fall Foliage Festival to chat with local voters and meet with farmers and other artisans, to helping a group of dedicated volunteers get out the vote at a phonebank in Hudson, to stopping by seven new diners for impromptu chats with the locals, Annie’s had a busy week visiting with voters right in their own backyard! If you’d like Annie to visit you at one of your favorite local diners, please tweet your suggestions to @AnnMclaneKuster using the hashtag #30diners30days!

As always, thanks for all that you do to help move our campaign forward!



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