What a great week it’s been on the campaign trail!

Annie was thrilled to get a chance to spend this week meeting with voters in New Hampshire, and hearing directly from her constituents about what they think we should be focusing on this election season.

And let me tell you – the support for Annie has been overwhelming. Voters know that Annie is standing up for the issues that matter to them. From making college more affordable for our students to fighting to create more jobs for the middle class, voters know that Annie is the candidate with their best interests in mind.

Standing up for our Students

Annie kicked off the week with a visit to Dartmouth College, where she met with the Dartmouth College Democrats and other students. During her visit, she shared her plans for making college more affordable, so every student has the resources and support they need to go to college – regardless of their family’s financial background. Annie has always made access to education one of her top priorities, and recently, she even helped introduce a bill with Senator Elizabeth Warren that would allow students to refinance their loans at a lower rate.

Incredibly, Annie’s opponent wants to make it harder for students to go to college. She wants to eliminate the Department of Education, which could end federal student loans, Pell Grants, and other important programs that Granite State families rely on to send their children to college. Annie has pledged to always fight against reckless cuts like this one, and she looks forward to continuing to work to increase access and opportunity for our students – not take it away.

Meeting with North Country voters

Annie had a great time meeting with her North Country constituents at the Northern Grafton County Democrats fall barbecue. Annie heard directly from them about the issues that matter to them – creating more jobs for North Country workers, protecting Medicare & Social Security for our seniors, and so many other topics.

At the dinner, Annie shared her ideas for job creation in the state, and pledged to always continue fighting for her North Country residents. She was thrilled to see so many friendly faces in the crowd, fired up to help out this election season!

Touring Granite State Diners

This week, Annie made surprise visits to three of New Hampshire’s iconic diners and cafes – Mojo’s in Franconia, Red Arrow in Milford, and Sammy J’s in Salem. One of Annie’s favorite things to do as an elected official is meet with her constituents in their own backyard, and her surprise diner stops give her a chance to chat with folks in a casual setting – and enjoy some delicious Granite State fare, to boot!

Pushing for Campaign Finance Reform

Towards the end of the week, Annie was honored to host a “coffee and conversation” with Congressman John Sarbanes, who came all the way from Maryland to hear from Granite State voters about the importance of campaign finance reform. Annie helped introduce legislation with Congressman Sarbanes called the Government by the People Act, which would help return the power back to individual, grassroots donors and blunt the unwanted influence of groups like the Koch Brothers. Elections should be decided by the people, and Annie and Congressman Sarbanes had a great chat with Granite State voters about what they can do to make sure big outside groups like the Kochs cannot take away the power of each individual Granite State voter.

Next week, Annie is looking forward to continuing her fall tour of the Second District, meeting with small business owners, voters, and other Granite Staters to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard this election season.

As always, thanks for everything you do.



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